November 10, 2015

Jacket - Lipsy (similar here), Shoes - Stuart Weitzman (similar here or here) and Denim - DL1961

Traveling is the best. These photos were taken on a trip I took with my fiance earlier this year! We went on a tour of Northern Italy, and particularly loved the uniqueness of Venice with it's canals, bridges, and cathedrals. The weather changed quite a bit on us since we were there in March, so wearing layers was super important. As winter is quickly approaching again, here are some tips for winter travels in Europe!

  1. Pack light! You will get there and want to purchase e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Italy has amazing shoes and leather goods. We ended up having to purchase an extra suitcase or two to bring back all our stuff!
  2. Layer, layer, and then layer some more. In the morning, it is chillier and depending on the country you are in, there could be random rain storms. These photos were taken in the afternoon - hence the sans-coat look. However, I was wearing thick socks, and was wearing a shirt under my jacket.
  3. Wear denim. Denim is a super durable fabric. The longer you wear this material, the more broken in/comfy it gets, which is key for travels. 
  4. Sunglasses. In windier areas (I'm looking at you, France), debris literally flies everywhere. I felt like my eyes were being hit by millions of tiny rocks until I put my sunglasses on. They are a must to protect your eyes from UV rays and flying dirt.
  5. Comfy, yet stylish shoes. I say stylish because it will curb your need to purchase every single pretty little heel you see. I love a comfortable low heeled boot. Mine were Stuart Weitzman, purchased via Nordstroms. Even though I probably shouldn't have done this (they are suede), I literally wore these everywhere - on cobblestone streets, in the rain, on a gondola - everywhere. Not only did they hold up amazingly, but my feet felt fine at the end of the day.
x Kell


  1. Love your peplum top; especially the zipper detail. I do hope to travel wide some day.

    Inez | My Small World

  2. Love those sunglasses