Faux Crop Top at Dumbarton Oaks

August 20, 2015

 Zara Skirt (similar here-- Gap Wedge Sandals (similar here or here) -- ChicTreat Bag (Michael Kors option here) -- Feline Meow Top (also in pink here, and similar here, and here)
photos by Melanie

The long days of summer are starting to get shorter, but the temperature is still very hot! One of the trends that Steph and I love for these warm-weather days is the crop top. While crop tops are amazing for hot weather, they are not as practical in the cooler months and are less versatile than regular t-shirts. So, we thought, why not make your own faux crop top out of your favorite tee? One of my favorite t-shirts is my "Feline Meow" top designed by Brian Lichtenberg. There are several reasons this makes a lot of sense. For one, crop tops are often not a one-length-fits-all article of clothing. Some people have longer torsos than others, some people have smaller waists than others, and it becomes difficult to find a crop top that is designed exactly for your figure. Tying up your favorite tee into a faux crop top is a great solution because you can tie it at a place that accentuates your figure the best, while still keeping on trend and having the option to wear it as a regular tee in cooler months. Also, should the crop top trend ever disappear, you still have the t-shirt. Having versatility is key :).

x Kell

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