November 1, 2013

Anthropologie tunic -- Alice + Olivia Suede Over-the-knee boots

Have you ever worn something straight out of the dressing room? And request that the sales associate awkwardly remove the security sensor from the article of clothing while it is still physically on your person because you don't want to take it off? Yeah, that happened with this dress. Kell and I were checking out the new-ish Reddz Trading in Georgetown when I came across this dress from Anthropologie for a mere $20. I've been super into the drop-waist dress with over-the-knee boots look lately, and once you throw in a floral print, it's all over.

x Steph


  1. wow love this dress, the drop waist model is so cute, and i adore the floral print, and it happens to me all the time buying something and wearing it stepping out of the store haha
    xx ish

  2. Love the OTK boots!! Paired with a drop waist dress is perfection... I will need to try out this pairing. I have personally not worn anything out of the store but I have thought about it many times lol! Have a great weekend!