balloons & sprinkles

October 9, 2013

You know those days when you realize how lucky you are?  That is how I feel every year on the fifth of October.  After an early morning followed by endless work and errands, I was swept away to a night of birthday surprise and excitement, orchestrated in secret by Steph and my boyfriend.  My wardrobe choice was an incredibly easy decision for me - this beautiful printed silk dress with a sprinkle-like pattern by Yumi Kim made me feel elegantly modern after a frazzled day.  I foresee myself purchasing future birthday outfits from this fun, well-made, and beautifully designed label.  

Old friends, new friends, and family made it an exceptional night for me.  Thank you <3.

x Kell

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  1. anytime I see a red balloon I think of the french film.
    Lovely skirt