August 23, 2013

photography by kelley

I bought this Zara dress four years ago, and while it combines many trendy details like the minty turquoise color, dainty floral print, trapeze silhouette, one-shoulder, ruffles, and pleats, it's stood the test of time and I reach for it whenever the weather gets warm. It's one of those pieces that if I just described to you would sound like a tacky mess, but in person, it just works. I usually wear it belted with heels, but on this day opted to wear it loose with flat suede sandals; you know, in an attempt to be somewhat appropriately dressed for a "hike" through nature.

x Steph


  1. love the dress, it's so timeles and adore the print and color
    x ish

  2. Cute location and dress! Love it :)