dupont orange

August 16, 2013

photography by stephanie

Recently, I've gotten bored with the form-fitting, skin-baring outfits of Summer and instead been drawn to architecturally interesting pieces.  This happens to me pretty much every year as the months begin to transition to the colder seasons (ex. peplum spectrum).  As someone who was born in the Fall, nothing pleases me more than crisp cool air with a warm sun while wandering around in a world where the leaves have started to fall from trees, and the red-orange hues take over.

One thing that never changes for me, however, is my love of minimalistic jewelry that speaks for itself.  The rings that I am wearing were designed and made by Khariz of Canadian brand, Lola's Vanity.  Steph & I are living in these babies, and because of their versatility, I do not foresee an end to this love affair. 

x Kel

Lola's Vanity Rings | Baublebar Bracelet | Target Shoes | BCBG Clutch | BCBG Dress

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