May 2, 2013

photography by stephanie

When it comes to transitional dressing from work to play, classic pieces are great. Even just one (the fitted trench, the fit & flare black dress, the tortoise cat-eye shades, nude pumps, or the black bucket bag) can create an impactful statement. Combined and it gives off an "I know exactly what I'm doing" vibe. Even when you may not. 
This ASOS bucket bag is one of my latest purchases, and I've used it every day since its arrival into my arms.  Sadly, like most popular items on the site, it is already sold out :(. 

x Kel

Bucket Bag: ASOS (similar here and here)| Dress : The Limited (similar here| Tortoise Shell Sunglasses: Prada | Nude pumps: Report (similar here) | Trench: H&M (similar here)


  1. love the look, the dress is amazing and i'm in love the bag, it's so amazing
    xx ish


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