April 5, 2013

photography by hafsa s.

Sunlight, foliage, and oxidized stone, with a pinch of modern workwear color blocking.  In an effort to avoid that general feeling of clutter & excessiveness, it can be refreshing to cleanse through an invigorating work out, a new adventure, or something as simplistic as minimal dressing.  Perhaps I subconsciously chose to use color blocking as a metaphor for the fundamental needs, or "blocks," that people should seek out in life.  Or perhaps I am not truly that existential.  All I know is that nature and basic pieces, with the addition of food and water (and music), make me a happy girl.  

x Kel

Black drape blouse : Ann Taylor (similar here and here) | Pale pink color blocked pants: Zara (similar here and here) | Laser Cut-out Heels: Aldo Rise x Preen (similar here and here)


  1. The one trend I never loved over recent seasons, is colour blocking. I just never really got the hang of it! But this looks so elegant on you. I love the styling. Maybe I need to rekindle my relationship with the blocking trend and try, try again.... ;)

    My latest post ** Belles Bejewelled **
    Mags x

  2. Amazing! Love the pants!! Super cute :)



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