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March 27, 2013

filmed at duo

One of the tricky parts of leaving college is learning how to transition from dressing for life as a co-ed to life as a working professional.  We recently teamed up with The Hoya (Georgetown University's newspaper and online multimedia component) to address this very matter and feature post-college transitional dressing.  In the "What to Wear" video piece, we styled two college students who are prepping for their internships this Summer; one in art and the other in finance.  Dress code always varies by industry and workplace- but personal style can still be incorporated! We also answered a few questions about Stylesmiths here.  Hope that you all enjoy :).

Side note - just found out that "What Not to Wear" with Stacy London & Clinton Kelly on TLC will start it's last season in July :(. In high school we would always Tivo the show and watch it together because we loved seeing the way that fashion could really improve someone's self-image! We'll miss you, WNTW!

x Kel & Steph 

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