shooting with woodward @ studio400

December 13, 2012

We took these photos in a collaborative effort with photographer Michael Woodward at Studio 400 (as per our BTS post). Styled by Kelley and myself, minus the pic above which resulted from me just posing in my winter coat. Oolala, so fancy. Looking back, this shoot also serves as proof that a classic smokey cat eye is one of the most versatile makeup looks out there (in varying degrees of severity, of course). So, fine friends: when in doubt, smoke it out.

x Steph

(coat, Zara; green sequin sleeve top, Zara; black sandal stilettos, Zara; gold cougar necklace, Zara; leather skirt, Zara; black mesh cutout dress, ASOS; zigzag print shorts, South Moon Under; chanel logo tank, Etsy; black sweater duster, too old to recall)

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